Spring Has A Deeper Meaning



Ahhh... Springtime is finally here!

It’s the time of the year where flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and families join together to enjoy simple picnics at the park.

Have you ever thought about how flowers particularly bloom in the spring? The amount of beauty and vibrance they bring can’t come around every year just for nothing. People particularly feel that flowers bloom with a meaning within them... Flowers teach us an important lesson: Every one of us blooms after a series of unfortunate events.


Let Abundance Box jewelry remind you that YOU BLOOM, and find inspiration behind each of our jewelry pieces!


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Inspired by the Snapdragon, the Spring Queen™ Collection symbolizes strength and graciousness.

ABUNDANCE BOX Spring Queen™ Pendant

$129.95 (Or 3 Easy Payments of $44.95)

Introducing our newest version of Abundance Box’s classic pendant necklace. The new pendant is comprised of seven petals aligned to form a slender pendant. This spring inspired pendant is made of 925 Sterling Silver with 14K gold plating, which is a three-layer electroplating which will keep it shining for a long time. Clear simulated diamonds decorate each petal for additional brilliance.

ABUNDANCE BOX Spring Queen™ Earrings
$97.95  (Or 3 Easy Payments of $34.95)

 The charming Draped Seven Petal Flowers earrings have been designed to follow the ear lobe’s curve. Alternatively they could be worn the other way around to hang slightly over the ear. Clear simulated diamonds highlight the delicate flowers.

ABUNDANCE BOX Spring Queen™ Ring
$119.95  (Or 3 Easy Payments of $37.95)

Celebrate Spring with the delightful Spring Queen™ Ring shaped in a flower crown. Sparkling stones alternate with gold blooms to create a zigzag floral garland.


ABUNDANCE BOX  Spring Queen™ Collection 
$349.95 USD
$99.95 USD
(or 3 Easy Payments of $37.95)


Second Spring Collection inspired by Daisy, the Blush of Spring™ Collection symbolizes beauty and innocence.

ABUNDANCE BOX Blush of Spring™ Pendant
$129.95  (Or 3 Easy Payments of $44.95

Another significant symbol for this season: The Spring Wreath. Its shape represents eternity, with no beginning and no end. It symbolizes growth and everlasting life. Let this remind you that life is eternal, and whatever choices we make in life always leads us to blossoming and becoming a better person. Our sterling silver Blush of Spring ring or earrings can add a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit.

ABUNDANCE BOX Blush of Spring™ Earrings
$97.95  (Or 3 Easy Payments of $34.95)

A simple but sophisticated piece that symbolizes pure feminine power, this earrings represent how the world is full of beauty, love, and uniqueness. Celebrate that uniqueness within you, and all the parts of yourself that grows. Wear this everyday for Spring and be reminded of how magnificent you are!

ABUNDANCE BOX Blush of Spring™ Ring
$119.95  (Or 3 Easy Payments of $37.95)

It is believed that all flowers come with a meaning. Their beauty and exotic nature has much good fortune that people believe will attract good vibes to lead a happy life. Their symbolic meaning definitely spreads positive attitudes and provides those who encounter it happiness. Their meaning can’t hardly compare to this power they possess.


ABUNDANCE BOX  Blush of Spring™ Collection
$349.95 USD
$99.95 USD
(or 3 Easy Payments of $37.95)


Enjoy the Spring Collection, stop by and grab some
of these beauties for yourself!

Now that you know more about our newest Spring Collection, what flower is the most meaningful to you that you’d love to see next?

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