The Legendary Tree of Life: An Ancient Irish Symbol

The Legendary Tree of Life: An Ancient Irish Symbol

The Legendary Tree of Life: As a door to another world, the tree of life in Celtic mythology ties the heavens and the earth together. It is said that children need roots and wings to grow strong and fly far.


In the Celtic tradition, the Legendary Tree of Life is the guardian of every forest clearing. Watching over each tribe as a guardian, a meeting place and a gentle, sturdy shelter, the Tree was the greatest treasure of the tribe.


The Celts believed that trees were as alive as people and full of magic. They connected the Earth with the spirit world beyond physical human contact.

The mighty Tree reminds us that we are all interconnected and cannot be cut off from each other.


Our Tree of Life collection is a delicate, yet mighty sterling silver reminder of your infinite potential.

The Tree is balance and harmony arched across your skin. Anchoring you in the solid ground of your identity, the Legendary Tree encourages you to stretch to the farthest reaches of your potential!

We believe there is incredible beauty and possibility in each human being on our planet.

The question is - have you fully stepped into yours?  

We are proud to share our Legendary Tree of Life jewelry collection with you.

It is the most elegant personal reminder that both your potential and beauty are infinite.


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