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Wings of Love™ Collection

What You Wear Has Impact!

The Abundance Effect

The Women of Abundance - these aspirational and passionate local artisans are entrepreneurs, not employees. Our mission is to create a whole new system that builds rapport between the consumers and the artisans which enables into women empowerment, teaching of self-worth and value, community development, and abundance effect.

Behind every product we make, there are real people. There are meaningful stories of passion and love. There are stories of hardship that has been overcome. For now, this is the best we can do.

Introducing our First Woman of Abundance from Koh Phangan, Thailand - Nut!

Support changing lives one woman at a time IN STYLE! Make an impact without going out of style with this ONE-OF-A-KIND, handcrafted jewelry, to express unconditional love and a fearless soul.


Introducing Wings of Love™ by the first Woman of Abundance, Nut, from Abundance Box™. With a distinctive wings design that symbolizes Nut’s love for birds, created around the heart for an elegant effect, the Wings of Love™ is a standout style for any occasion. Handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver and Simulated Diamonds.

    Give Abundance, Be Abundance.

    We are proud to provide our customers with a new kind of luxury: Jewelry pieces that gives back. Abundance Box works with these amazing artisan women and customers (you!) to promote conscious consumerism. Everything our beneficiaries do is funded through product sales. That means every time you make a purchase here at Abundance Box, you have a direct impact on our artisans’ lives and the people around them.

    Why Choose the Wings of Love™ Collection?

    • Artisan-made Keepsake
    • Limited Edition Design
    • Worlds Finest 925 Sterling Silver
    • Fast Shipping 🚚💨

    THE PERFECT GIFT for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary & Christmas

    What Are You Waiting For? SUPPORT and Be a Part of the Abundance Effect TODAY!

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    Wings of Love Earrings

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