Luck of the Irish™ Emerald Bracelet




The Luck of the Irish™ Emerald Bracelet symbolizes youth and spring. It is the stone of life, beauty and enduring love. Emerald is associated with immorality. Who does want to live forever?

Emerald gemstone is also a stone that enhances inspiration and patience. Emerald is said to increase memory and understanding. With the advantage of more patience, understanding and inspiration this gemstone will attract prosperity in business. All good things come to a person who never gives up.

Love the way you look! Love the way you feel with the Luck of the Irish Collection by Abundance Box™.

We use only the world’s finest precious metals to last the test of time for that strong brilliance and unbelievable sparkle! Each keepsake is delicate and elegant, set with precious Emerald, and handcrafted by local artisans.


We have a team of family loving, precision oriented, passionate local artisans who are experienced in computer aided jewelry design. This process takes up to 5 days for one artisan to craft, set, polish and inspect your keepsake.

  • Main Stone: Emerald
  • Main Stone Size: 3mm | 8.1ct
  • Shape/Pattern: Round
  • Length: 19cm | 7.48"
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver | Simulated Diamonds
  • Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Weight: 8.68g

Why Choose The Luck of the Irish Bracelet?

  • Handmade-To-Order Heirlooms
  • Limited Edition Design
  • Worlds Finest 925 Sterling Silver
  • Fast Shipping 🚚💨

THE PERFECT GIFT for St. Patrick's Day, Birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day & Christmas

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