Lush of Grace™ Ruby Collection




The Lush of Grace Ruby Collection symbolizes royalty, power and passion. Many believe that wearing a ruby gemstone on your left hand will enhance its powers. The left side is the side of the heart.

It is said that whoever wears Ruby gemstone will enjoy romance and friendship. In modern times it has become a symbol of deep and profound love. It is the gemstone to wear for all those who which to eliminate all negative thoughts and only express unconditional love.

Love the way you look! Love the way you feel with the Lush of Grace Collection by Abundance Box™.

We use only the world’s finest precious metals to last the test of time for that strong brilliance and unbelievable sparkle! Each keepsake is delicate and elegant, set with precious Ruby, and handcrafted by local artisans.

Why Choose The Lush of Grace Collection?

  • Handmade-To-Order Keepsakes
  • Limited Edition Design
  • Worlds Finest 925 Sterling Silver
  • Fast Shipping 🚚💨

THE PERFECT GIFT for Birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day & Christmas

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