Mother's Knot™ Earrings


With The Mother's Knot

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your mother? Her delicious cooking? The warmth of her hugs? How her worrying is a bit annoying but also makes you feel so loved? Mom has been there from the very beginning of your story. Her care, attention and devotion are both fierce and amazingly tender. She gave her heart, time and body to you at every opportunity. And still, she keeps pouring more love into your life. It is nothing short of incredible but that's the majesty of a mother's love. 

Spoil your incredible mom with these ONE-OF-A-KIND, handcrafted heirlooms, to express her unconditional love and infinite soul.

Introducing The Mother's Knot Earrings by the artisans of Abundance Box™

Add a touch of luxury to your mother's life with 925 Sterling Silver and Simulated Diamonds set in the iconic Lover's Knot. It symbolizes a mother's unconditional and selfless love, showing the world how proud you are to be loved by her.

Not only does your mother get to own a beautiful, unique symbol of your gratitude and affection for her, but Abundance Box profits benefit Women of Abundance. You can learn more about this incredible project here. 

The Mother's Knot™ Earrings Description

  • Earring Size: 10mm x 10mm | 0.35" x 0.35"
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Shape/Pattern: Lover's Knot
  • Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Earring Type: Stud Earrings
  • Back Finding: Push Back

Why Choose The Mother's Knot™ Earrings?

  • Handmade-To-Order
  • Pure 925 Sterling Silver
  • Simulated Diamonds
  • Limited Edition Design
  • Fast Shipping 🚚💨

THE PERFECT GIFT for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day & Christmas

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