The Luxor Amethyst™ Necklace


With The Luxor Amethyst™

GO PURPLE! Awareness for Epilepsy Around The World. Show support by wearing purple.

The Luxor Amethyst™ Necklace by Abundance Box & Co. is handmade by artisan jewelers using only the worlds finest precious metals to last the test of time.

Shop this meaningful gift and make a donation to organizations supporting so many patients and their families.

10% of proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation community for supporting education, research, therapies and community service.



The Luxor Amethyst™ Necklace features elegance and femininity with a vibrant purple amethyst that euphorically shines like the Universe. The gleaming white of the simulated diamonds, contrasting with deep, intense shade of purple, define the style of this unique jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship, capable of creating incredibly new and surprising effects.

This truly unique and limited design is hand inspected by jewelers at Abundance Box & Co. when your order is packaged and shipped to your door.

  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver | Simulated Diamonds | Amethyst
  • Pendant Size: 41mm | 1.61"
  • Chain Length: 18"
  • Shape/Pattern: Square


10% of proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation community for supporting education, research, therapies and community service. 


This item is hand-made to order
Allow 3-6 weeks until this custom piece arrives

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