The Patriot™ Bracelet



The Patriot™ Bracelet 

The true patriot is not one that supports every move that the government makes. However, the true patriot supports each person who signs up to serve in the best interest of our great nation of the United States.

As a nation, we do not have to agree on policy to support each man and woman who serves. No, we support and encourage them through the time spent away from their spouses and their families.

The milestones in their loved one's lives that are missed. The comforts of home that are given up to follow the greater good. That is the meaning of a true patriot. To support the people who give it all for the cause of freedom. No matter what.

Remember your hero this Memorial Day!

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Shape/Pattern:  Heart American Flag
  • Clasp Type: Double Safety Clasp
  • Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Weight: 3.5g

Your Impact

Each piece gives 10% back to Women of Abundance. We support world-transforming projects and initiatives from women who need funding. In turn, they provide support and abundance in their communities as well. Learn more here.

Why Choose Abundance Box?

  • It reflects who you are - your values and your ability to change lives.
  • You keep the cycle of abundance flowing.
  • Limited Edition Design, a special design for this specific cause.

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