Trinity Knot Amore™ Pendant


This intricate piece is worn throughout the ages for protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight. The Trinity Knot Amore™ honors the higher mind, bringing intuition, clarity, and self-mastery. The Pink Sapphire in the middle is a symbol of power and strength, but also of wise judgement and kindness. Made of pure 925 Sterling Silver with simulated diamonds.

    • Chain Type: Box Chain
    • Chain Length: 45cm | 18"
    • Pendant Size: 1.41cm | 0.55"

Your Impact

Each pendant gives 10% back to Women of Abundance. We support world-transforming projects and initiatives from women who need funding. In turn, they provide support and abundance in their communities as well. Learn more here.

Why Choose Abundance Box?

  • It reflects who you are - your values and your ability to change lives.
  • You keep the cycle of abundance flowing.
  • Limited Edition Design, a special design for this specific cause.

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